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McDonald's Norway Ad Campaign to Promote a Cleaner Environment

Main Category : Sustainability

Sub Category : Sustainability,Strategy,CSR

Case Description
By 2027, the QSR business was expected to be worth USD308 billion with a rapid rise in the world's population, contributing to rising trash volumes and posing a litter problem for communities and marketers. Littering led to a slew of social, economic, and environmental problems. McDonald's, the world's largest fast-food chain, was one of the most visible and large-scale litter generators. According to various studies, single-use bags and food wrappers were harmful to the environment, contributing to half of the world's marine litter. Meanwhile, in March 2022, McDonald's initiated an 'iconic trash' marketing campaign in Norway to address the issue, with the goal of changing consumer behaviour toward littering. However, McDonald's Norway could face repercussions for failing to use reusable packaging, which would have helped it mitigate the environmental concerns associated with its packaging. Would McDonald's marketing campaign be able to motivate its customers to avoid littering and support a more sustainable and cleaner environment?

Learning Outcomes
1. To understand the role of fast-food industry towards waste and cleaner environment
2. To understand the significance of sustainable packaging and cleaner environment
3. To understand the analysis of McDonald's Iconic Trash Campaign
4. Assessment of McDonald's effort towards sustainable packaging
5. To understand and analyse the challenges underlying for McDonald's to fulfil its sustainability goals

Duration : Up to 120 Mins

Min Participants : 10
Max Participants : 24

Keywords : Amity,McD,McDonald's,Sustainable Packaging,Sustainability,QSR,ESG

Case Page > Case 31

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