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Digital Business Simulations

For the past 30 years, ProfitAbility Business Simulations Ltd has designed customised board-based business simulations to develop business acumen amongst employees in various global organisations & industries. We now bring this tried and tested methodology to the digital world with our visual-based digital business simulation.

Focusing primarily on aligning employees to the bigger picture, our competitive business simulations bring abstract concepts to life and promote critical attributes for performance, such as risk-taking, collaboration and problem-solving.

Customisation for your Business or Industry

Generic | Manufacturing | Banking | Auto & Heavy Machinery Dealership | Construction | Hotel | Hospitality & Retail | Legal | FMCG | Power & Utilities | Insurance | Pharma | Professional & Consulting Services | Express Courier Services | Logistics Services | Telco & many more.

We can design the digital versions of the simulations to fit your industry, internal business operations and desired learning outcomes. Employees will now be able to appreciate the most pressing issues faced by your company and know more about how their work, actions and in-actions contribute to the business objectives of the company and the bottom line.

The Digital Session in Action

The digital simulation is facilitated via Zoom or an equivalent platform that supports breakout rooms. Each team has access to their respective digital companies and control of their respective business decisions.

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The B-School Case Studies

Business Management Case Studies

To enhance the learning, Case Studies can be incorporated into the programme to learn about best practices and lessons of various companies. Case studies used are licensed versions from top Business Schools such as the Harvard Business School, INSEAD and the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Learn more about our virtually faciliated Case Based Learning programme here.

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