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Business Sustainability

About the Programme

At Profitability, we have developed a that allows participants to make decisions and see the impact of adopting ESG practices. They can try different business approaches and see how things change. It's a .

The programme also includes a facilitation of a case study titled that examines whether McDonald's will be successful in decarbonizing its business or would it continue to choose ?

How it Works

Teams each manage a manufacturing organisation and try to outperform competitors on . They must make decisions on markets to enter, investment in technologies to , and to appeal to evolving stakeholder demands - including markets that are ready to impose on teams not specifically addressing their requirements! Limited time, budgets and information mean every decision carries risk.

Business Sustainability

Programme Modules

Programme Modules

1. The Big Picture of Sustainability.
2. Experience the challenges of "doing well" and "doing good".
3. Gain Insights on McDonald's initiative and challenges towards a sustainable supply chain.
4. Embark on your Journey.

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

1. Understand the
2. Discover optimal approaches to and
3. Learn how integrate with .
4. Understand the trade offs to satisfy

Business Benefits

Business Benefits

This programme has been designed to provide a foundation for managers and executives involved in .

Course Leaders

Sekar Shanmugam

Trainer 1

Sekar has spent the majority of his 30-year career working in companies like HP and Maxis in leadership roles. His experience includes among others, managing business units with full P&L, sales and operational responsibilities, guiding his organisation through the 1997 Asian financial crisis and leading the integration efforts in Malaysia during the merger of two global IT giants in 2001. As Director of Service Delivery at Hewlett-Packard Malaysia, he led his organisation to win the Computer World Malaysia "Best Support & Services" inaugural award in 2001 and again in 2002 against other industry IT giants.

In 2007, Sekar moved from the technology sector to work for a Khazanah Nasional agri-business start-up. As Director of Sales & Marketing, he spotted a gap in the market and led the creation of a new brand of packed fresh vegetables - probably a first in South East Asia in the targeted market segment. He joined Maxis, a leading telco in Malaysia in 2010 as General Manager and Head of the Corporate mobility and fixed product business unit. Sekar holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Malaya and an MBA from the University of Cambridge.

Anwar Jumabhoy

Trainer 2

Anwar has an extensive track record in the Venture Capital industry as well as being an entrepreneur . His foray into the VC scene began when he co-founded a company to manufacture of Lithium Polymer Batteries in Bologna, Italy. He later joined a Frankfurt based VC firm. In 2004, Anwar was hired as a Senior VP at MAVCAP for his real world" experience. He was entrusted with fast tracking funding to early stage technology Companies and in 4 years closed 26 deals, including 2 mergers. In terms of exits, had 3 full and 2 partial exits for the invested companies.

In 2010, Anwar left to join Tune Hotels as their Director of Operations where he was reponsbile for overseeing all hotels under the Tune stable in the region. He left Tune Hotels in 2015 and recently co-authored a book entitled Beyond Corporate Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship as a Management Practice. He now spends his time coaching & consulting on Entrepreneurship, implementation of 3P-T (People, Policy, Procedure & Technology) initiatives and bringing back the entrepreneurial spirit into large organizations. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Naval Architecture & Shipbuilding from the University of Newcastle and an MBA from IMD Switzerland.

Course Details

Course Details

Kuala Lumpur

MYR 1,300 per participant.

HRD Corp Claimable

HRDF Corp Fully Claimable

Price includes SST, lunch, coffee breaks, training materials, a licensed case study from a leading Business School. Excludes accommodation and transportation to venue.
Minimum class size is 12 and Maximum class size is 24

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